Monitor and Control Anytime, Anywhere


Make the most of your 24 hours

Through almost any device, you can command and monitor multiple pivots from almost any distance. You’ll be able to see pivot locations, start, stop, monitor pressure, weather and more without being everywhere at once. It’s on-the-go, push-button ease for less time managing irrigation and more time getting everything else done.

Labor and energy savings

With remote management at your fingertips, you’ll spend fewer hours in the truck or on the ATV checking individual pivots. Plus, with the ability to easily manage irrigation during lower utility rate hours, electricity savings are there for the taking.

Easy to use

Technology can sometimes throw new users a curveball, so we’ve worked to make the learning curve as smooth as possible. The user interfaces are also simple. With Ontrac, you’ll have easy management through any Internet enabled device by logging into a secure website to instantly be at the controls.

The Ontrac Product Family

From basic control to the most sophisticated system possible, we have the widest selection of communication options to match your needs perfectly.

Ontrack Radio Icon Satellite Plus Ontrac Satellite Icon Ontrac Cell Icon
Ontrac Radio Ontrac Satellite Plus Ontrac Satellite Ontrac Cell
The most feature-rich product for RPM Advanced and Touch Screen Panels. Commands are sent through a small broadcast station in your home, as if you were standing next to the panel. Offers the best satellite control for RPM Advanced and Touch Screen Panels. Perfect for areas where miles separate you and your pivots. Our first level of satellite control. Perfect for areas with poor cell coverage. Provides basic monitoring and control on most brands of pivots. Provides easy access to basic controls and monitoring on most brands of pivots through cellular networks.

The benefits are numerous

* 24/7 real-time monitor and control
* Less wear on vehicles
* Less time driving to pivots
* Fuel savings
* Labor savings
* Electricity savings
* Compatible with competitive machines
* Only minutes needed to manage pivots
* Windows compatible
* Integrate with RPM pivot control panels
* Track, record and group application data for increased water efficiency
* Use a cell phone, smartphone, landline, tablet device, laptop or desktop computer for greater flexibility
* Multiple pivot commands including start, stop, system speed, water pump, chemical pump, auxiliary control and much more
* Ability to monitor flow, pressure, application, wind, voltage, heat units, rain and temp